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Elevate your skills with Visiali’s Makeup Guides, designed for professionals and aspiring artists. Our top-rated, interactive online resources cover essential makeup pillars, accessible from any device. Explore our offerings for academies and brands, featuring training options developed by an award-winning educator.

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Our platform offers expert-verified content and customised learner's guides for pros and aspiring artists.


Engage your students with interactive guides, and contemporary makeup courses.


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Visiali was created by Charlotte Ravet, a well-known makeup educator who has extensive experience in creating training programs, delivering diploma courses, and providing corporate training for top brands. Charlotte started her career as a freelance makeup artist in Paris and later obtained a distinguished talent visa for Australia. She worked as a makeup trainer, creating comprehensive content for diploma and corporate courses. She then created Visiali, her brainchild, which are interactive makeup programs carefully designed for both professional and aspiring makeup artists. In 2018, Charlotte was awarded the makeup educator of the year at the AMIA Awards.
Charlotte Ravet
Makeup artist and Educator

the concept

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Our makeup artistry approach goes beyond just teaching techniques. We conduct thorough research, verify information, and compile complete data for professional and aspiring makeup artists. Our focus covers essential aspects of makeup, including products, skincare, facial anatomy, colour theory, and application techniques. Our well-crafted guides provide valuable insights and practical advice. Our curated online makeup programs collection offers help with product selection, mastering texture layering, and navigating common challenges makeup artists face. Our interactive makeup programs differ from traditional courses or ebooks. They serve as dynamic guides you can interact with and navigate, empowering you as an artist.


"I have never seen such a comprehensive platform for artists who want to study and engage with higher learning. I love the interactive material and the content is excellent."
Amber Moxey/ Senior Makeup artist
"The Visiali Makeup Program is a must-read for both professional and aspiring makeup artists. It provides in-depth information on contemporary makeup techniques and products. Personally, I love the interactive features, making the content more engaging."
Sabrina Del Carlo/ Makeup artist and Hairstylist

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The Art of Makeup

Looking to improve your makeup skills? Whether you’re seeking a refresher or want to learn more after completing a short course, our makeup program is tailored to your needs. Consider it your ultimate makeup bible, offering a comprehensive guide to all the essential elements of makeup, including skincare, hygiene, colour theory, facial anatomy, and the business side of makeup. Our program provides in-depth information and tutorial videos that you can access from any device, making it a flexible and enriching learning experience. You’ll also receive expert tips aligned with the latest industry trends to enhance your technique and product selection. Get ready to take your makeup skills to the next level with our program!

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