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Our interactive makeup guides are perfect for beauty and makeup schools. You can choose from our pre-developed programs or customise your content according to your needs. Students can access the programs from any location online, providing maximum flexibility and convenience.


Makeup Essentials

This course has been designed to teach the essential skills of makeup application. It covers important topics such as hygiene, color theory, facial anatomy, skin care, product knowledge, and classic makeup techniques that are suitable for a range of skin tones. The content is suitable for a 30-50 hour in-person course.


Makeup Principles

Our Makeup Principles course is a comprehensive 50+ hour program that covers a wide range of topics, including detailed colour theory, facial anatomy, hygiene and skincare practices, corrective makeup techniques, product knowledge, and makeup application. In addition, the course also covers classic beauty looks that cater to different skin tones, creative makeup styles, product selection for professional settings, sales and networking skills, and marketing strategies for freelancers.

"I have been a makeup artist and educator for over two decades. These interactive courses are perfect for engaging students in modern makeup techniques and giving them access to comprehensive information."

Each course includes:

Cheat sheets

Templates for Practise

Interview with Experts

Short tutorial videos

Access the content from any devices!
Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops.
Interactive content
Engage students with dynamic solutions.
Engaging learning activities
Beauty Videos
To facilitate student catch-up for missed classes.
Beauty illustrations
To keep your students inspired
Interview with experts
Industry focus with Experts related to the makeup industry

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what makes us different

Reasons to work together


Tailoring our content to meet the needs of learners, we recognise that makeup artists often thrive on visual stimuli. Our commitment involves creating engaging and beautifully displayed information to captivate and immerse the learner in the learning experience from any device.


Customise our pre-designed courses by selecting elements that suit your interests and arranging them to fit your class schedule. You can also choose specific parts of the course to integrate into your existing content. Additionally, we offer services to transform your own program into engaging content.


Our content has been developed by makeup trainers with classroom experience, ensuring they are well-versed in addressing the most common questions asked by students and tailored to align seamlessly with classical makeup or makeup part of a cosmetology courses.


Our program underwent comprehensive review by professionals within and outside the makeup industry, including makeup artists, doctors, cosmetic injectors, product development specialists, and lighting department. We meticulously researched to ensure the accuracy and currency of our content.

  • Seamless access to content from any device.
  • In-depth information ensuring comprehensive coverage of training needs.
  • Up-to-date information aligned with current techniques.
  • Engaging content making it attractive and easy to understand.
  • Ready-to-use activities facilitating lesson planning in the classroom.
  • Access content seamlessly from any device.
  • Gain comprehensive information for well-informed product selection.
  • Catch up on missed classes with concise tutorial videos.
  • Utilise cheat-sheets and templates for quick reference.
  • Participate in engaging activities and quizzes for an interactive learning experience.

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Elevate Your Own course

Do you already have your own course? Whether you are using textbooks or have an existing LMS platform, we can help you customise it with the latest technology. We can create an engaging course for your students by integrating videos, images, interactive modules, and quizzes. The best part? Your students can access these materials anytime, anywhere from your own website or LMS platform.


Our courses offer complete flexibility, but we do require a minimum of 50 students enrolled to create your own course. Feel free to request adjustments to align with your schedule or remove elements unnecessary to your delivery. We’re here to ensure your course precisely meets your requirements.

You have the option to integrate our course into your existing LMS platform, or we can directly enrol your students into our platform. If you prefer to customise your own course, providing access to your students through your website with password protection is also possible. We are here to assist you in finding the solutions that align best with your needs.

Certainly! If you have specific items in mind, feel free to reach out to us with the topics you’re interested in exploring.

Yes! We’re delighted to offer complimentary access for two weeks for your training team to review our courses. Please schedule a call or send us an email to request access.

Certainly! If you’re interested in developing specific items tailored to your needs, feel free to reach out to us. As we strive to delve deeply into each topic, continually updating our information, our library expands over time. Moreover, we can create bespoke content tailored precisely to your requirements. Don’t hesitate to inquire about customising content to meet your unique specifications.

Our pricing is set on a per-month, per-student basis. Upon graduation from your school, students will be either removed from our platform, or the number of students accessing the course from your LMS will be adjusted based on the information you provide to us. Additionally, we offer a 50% discount for all past students, allowing them to maintain continued access to our content.

Enrollment on our platform does not have a minimum student requirement. However, if you wish to access our course on your own LMS, a minimum of 50 students per month is required.

We offer affordable pricing per student per month. Additionally, we offer a full license with unlimited access for a yearly fee.

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