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Our Story

Meet Charlotte Ravet, the visionary founder of Visiali. Charlotte embarked on her career journey in the heart of Paris, where she lent her talents to TV channels and esteemed fashion brands. Her passion for the beauty industry and commitment to excellence led her to Australia, where she earned recognition under a distinguished talent visa.

In Australia, Charlotte honed her expertise in education for academies, playing a pivotal role in crafting content for nationally recognised diplomas. Her global influence expanded as she served as an international trainer for a renowned cosmetic brand. In 2018, Charlotte’s outstanding contributions were celebrated with the prestigious Educator of the Year award at the AMIA awards, marking a testament to her dedication and impact.

Since 2020, Charlotte has taken on the role of a judge, further establishing herself as a respected authority in the beauty industry. Having conducted teachings, developed content, and hosted masterclasses globally she identified a crucial need for accessible information tailored for makeup artists and students.

Motivated by this realisation, Charlotte decided to consolidate her extensive research and insights gained from discussions with experts over the years. The result is Visiali, a culmination of services developed throughout her career, seamlessly blending innovation, technology, and in-depth research.

Charlotte's work


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