Training and Masterclasses for beauty professionals

Discover our physical trainings and masterclasses designed for beauty professionals, including makeup artists, hairdressers, and beauty therapists. With years of experience delivering masterclasses around the world for learners of all levels, Charlotte Ravet has designed targeted trainings that specifically address the needs of beauty professionals. 

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Beauty Beyond Hair: Expanding Services with Makeup Expertise

Join our one-day workshop designed specifically for hairdressers eager to master fundamental makeup techniques to create captivating makeovers and enhance their clients’ photos for optimal social media impact. During this workshop, you will learn how to assess facial features and offer a quick makeover for your client. You will also learn how to apply basic eye and lip makeup, which will help you create quality photos for your social media content.

Mastering colour theory and facial anatomy.

Charlotte’s Signature Masterclass is designed for makeup artists, beauty therapists, and consultants, providing them with essential skills to create full-face makeup using primary colours and expert techniques for correcting facial features. After the demonstration, you will have the opportunity to practice on your model and create full-face makeup using only primary colours and white.


Design and apply Makeup For Editorial Photography.​​

As a makeup artist looking to break into the world of editorial beauty, you will want to attend this two-day workshop. Curated in partnership with esteemed photographers, it delves into two key looks: natural beauty, with a focus on minimal skin correction, and creative beauty, which encourages you to express yourself through bold colour combinations and your own unique creativity. This workshop can also be requested as a single masterclass.

All of our workshops now include integration with our online program, 'The Art of Makeup', for each participant.

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How to book?

Our workshops are now available in Europe and Australia. If you’re a makeup school, hair salon, or beauty brand interested in organising a workshop with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can email us or schedule a call through our website’s contact page.

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